Doing Estate Agency Differently 

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Our Hybrid Proactive Approach 

We take the fundamentals from traditional estate agency and adopt reworking and remodeling approach to fit our current climate. 

We are best fit to find market trends and innovative ways to generate high returns. 

Servicing Our Local Communities

Coming together to make a difference in the UK and bringing customer service and innovation back into property. 

Make a change, not a duplication.  

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 Doing Things Differently 


There is always room for growth. We help you to notice where and how your property journey can be reworked to become more lucrative, consistent and easy. 

 Customer Centred


Our Principles as an independent is to be flexible and adaptable whilst providing a personal touch. Plus providing competitive rates without having to sacrifice on quality and service.


SandosManagenment has been extremely helpful in letting my property for guaranteed rent. They helped me from start to finish and I was then able to achieve full rent each month with no void periods! I have now been using the company for over 1 year and have never been so happy with a management company. 

Timothy German