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Property Investment 

Property Sourcing 

We source property on client per client basis, meaning we take the time to listen to your requirements whether it be residential or commercial property. We understand that long term profitability is an important factor and hence we have the technology and knowledge to provide a detailed analysis.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is an incredibly vital part of property. We are registered with the correct governing bodies to keep you and your investment protected at all times. We have procedures in place to ensure that audits are carried smoothly.

Portfolio Builder & Management

 The current market conditions makes it difficult to find a profitable deal. Whilst it is important to increase your assets, it is essential that you have the right portfolio manager to help increase your return on investment in line with your strategy. 


The current housing issue of supply and demand still persist today. Only 10% of land within the UK has been developed on. Here at Sandos we are committed to find new land where we can build affordable but, stylish homes. Please contact us if you can help us with our pursuit to provide quality accommodation.


We provide a refurbishment package suited to your needs and your ultimate end project. For example, refurb to let, refurb to Serviced Accommodation or refurb to sell. We provide a full analysis of what is needed, what will increase value on the property and how you can make consistent returns after the refurbishment process has come to an end.